Our Vision

We are currently home based located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. We are compliant with Indiana cottage food laws. We are hopeful that within the next couple of years that will we have a full brick and mortar cake studio! We plan to continue growing bigger and bigger!

Our Story

Sift Happens Cakery opened in December 2014. We started out only doing cupcakes. That continued until October 2015 when we started offering cakes as well. Our first cake to a paying customer was actually a wedding cake for a coworkers daughter!

So how exactly did we start? I made cupcakes for a get together with some friends and everyone loved them! I really enjoyed making them and decided to see where my little cupcake business would take me. Our business took off far more than we thought it would and we love every minute of it!

The Sift Happens Team

Sift Happens Cakery is solely owned by me, Typhaney. That doesn't mean I'm in this alone! I have a huge network of support! I could not keep this business running without the help, support and love of these people!

Typhaney aka Typh

Owner/Operator & Cake Artist

Something not many people know about me is that I went to school for a semester out in Virginia. My goal was to take that degree and become FBI. Not too much different from cake, right?! lol. Now, I absolutely love making cupcakes and cakes. I love taking a pile of stuff and turning it into something beautiful. My favorite part of my business is my customers. There's a feeling that comes with being involved with some of the most special moments in people's lives. I have huge ambitions and am working everyday to grow an amazing and successful business.


Random Job Doer

David is my husband and number one supporter on a day to day basis! He does all of my deliveries with me so you will most likely see him around. He is helpful with all of the little jobs that need done, from mixing batters and buttercreams to delivering the wonderful cake creations.


Amazing Cake Decorating Assistant

Andre'a is my little cousin. She loves helping with the cakes. There are certain orders that I don't know how I would've got through without her. Anything that needs done in the kitchen, she's willing to learn and help with. One day I think she will be making cakes all on her own!

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